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James, Ximena and Matthew

James and Fam 2“I knew as soon as I saw your beautiful home nestled in the evergreens at the edge of the meadow that we needed to be friends. We have savored every, every moment of these days with the three of you.

For me, returning to this lake has been rejuvenating. Ximena (He-May-Na) enjoys every new place, but this has been a remarkable place for her.

Thank you for sharing your home with us. We are looking forward to the next time already.”

James, Ximena, Matthew, White Rock, BC – A return to the Kootenays. July 2015



Sheri & Dave

Sheri & Dave 2“Thank you so very much for your warm and generous hospitality! Such an amazing opportunity you have given us – for Dave, to return to Renata 37 years later, and for Sheri too, to experience this beautiful place for the first time.

Your lovely property and fabulous food are beyond compare! We hope to return to you “gourmet hide-a-way” soon!”

Sheri & Dave, Abbotsford BC – Return to Renata!  July 2015



Neva & Bruce

Bruce & Neva“What an amazing visit this has been! Gourmet coffee to start the days, gourmet healthy full meals, awesome friendly hosts in an amazing environment!

Wow, could it get any better than this? Nope. We’ve hiked to the falls, kayaked way up the lake, admired Shari’s garden and Ari’s craftsmanship and loved the birds.

Thank you both for these very memorable days. We have loved it!

Neva & Bruce, Vernon BC – An Outdoor Adventure Escape, June 2015



Cris & Nora

Cris & Nora
“Thank you so much for a wonderful visit! A beautiful place… lovely setting… interesting, lively and friendly hosts – it couldn’t be more perfect! Even a really good dog for ‘non dog’ people like us! We loved all the fun activities and the fabulous food. This is not just a Lodge or B&B, it’s a house of pure relaxation and friendship. An unusual combination. We definitely recommend a ‘maximal’ host contact stay. We’ll be back!”

Cris & Nora, Mead, WA – A Biking, Hiking, Canoeing Summer Getaway! August 2014




Darlene Traynor 1“What a serene experience. Your home is amazing… both the architecture and the warmth from your personalities. Just being here made me want to curl up and relax into a good book and listen tot he soft sounds of nature. I felt like I was at a retreat. The hummingbird on the porch added to the ambiance. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Darlene, Kingston, ON – B & S’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Get Together. August 2014



Lindsay, David & Riley the Dawg

Dave Lindsay & Riley 1Lindsay – “Wow!! What a ‘babymoon’! Such a perfect escape from our busy lives (soon to be busier :-)”. You two & Tyra were such amazing hosts with such great food & beautiful property & home. Riley and Tyra had a blast together ‘sharing’ the water toys. Truly an unforgettable experience for us all. You have made yourself a little bit of paradise here with such a comfortable home. Congratulations!! Thank you for Everything & recipes – yummmmm.
Lots of love,
David, Lindsay & Riley

David, Lindsay & Riley, Prince Ruptert BC – A Pre-Baby Retreat!  July 2014



John, Donna, Tom & Cressida

John, Donna, Shari, Cressida and Tom
Donna & John – “Old friends are the best friends & that’s what it’s getting to be. Wonderful time again! A great paddle up the lake, good conversations and peace. Already looking forward to our third visit.”

Tom & Cressida – “We greatly enjoyed visiting this beautiful and remote spot and paddling on the lake. We appreciated the real hospitality of Ari and Shari and the delicious cooking they provided. Many thanks for a memorable visit.”

John & Donna, Kelowna BC, Tom and Cressida, London UK – Cross Canada Visit, June 2014



Meghan & Jamie

JamieJamie & Meghan“Amidst the busy streets, commute to work and general hustle and bustle of the city, we will think of this tranquil place. We have marked a special place in our hearts for the feeling we learned here. You and this place have taught us. Renata is a warm embrace for the soul and an experience we will hold and keep with us long after we leave. Thank you both for sharing your peace and harmony with us!

Meghan – A true pleasure to be able to return here, be treated to such warm hospitality, see all the work completed over the last two years… and relax completely! “Thank you both once again! :-)”

Meghan & Jamie, Peachland BC – Jamie’s 39th Birthday Retreat!  June 2014


Pat, Frank, John & Donna

Pat, Frank, John & Donna

Donna & John – “We run out of superlatives when we try to describe the wonderful time you have given us. Thank you so very much for your warmth and interest and for all that great great food. Until we see you again…”

Frank & Pat – “We thoroughly enjoyed our hiatus at your cozy, unique Paradise & wish you continued success in all your future endeavors.”


Pat, Frank, John & Donna, Kelowna-ish BC – Enjoying the great outdoors!  October 2013



Marie & Claire

Claire – “Dear Ari and Shari,Claire & Marie What a harmonious and peaceful place to be filled with Ari and Sharis’ love that permeates everything, making our time memorable.  A special thank you to Sharis’ great painting classes.  You made me grow a lot.  I love you both.”

Marie – “Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your beautiful home and the history of this special land!”


Claire & Marie, Edmonton AB & Abbotsford BC – A Mother/Daughter Art Retreat, September 2013



Paul & Petra

Ari and Shari,

Paul & Petra

“You have ‘created’ an intensely beautiful getaway. You are a beautiful couple, both inside and out, your home is proof of that.

We know from experience, the challenges that you have faced in order to build your dream retreat, but you have proven that blood, sweat & tears are the best bonds for a strong foundation.

Thank you for letting us share this with you! Thanks Tyra for the show “How to brush your Dog’s teeth!”

Paul, Petra and “Abbey”, Burton BC – “A 3 hour tour”, boating down the Arrow, August  2013



The Voltz Family

The Voltz's

“Shari danced with us – Incredible Fun – Mmmmh, was it ever Yummy! – Practically Perfect – Lucky with every food – You should try it out! – Delicious and Decadent Everything – Exuberantly refreshing water – Lovely view, Luscious Flowers – “I beat Ari at Viking Chess!” – Canadian Thanksgiving in August! – Ice cream and apple pie – Ooh, and don’t forget the roasted marshmallows – Ugly was nothing! – Sure, we’ll be back!”


The Voltz Family, Vancouver & Okanagan BC, Malawi Africa, Hamburg Germany – A Family Get-together, August 2013





“Perfect weather, beautiful surroundings, incredible food and amazing hosts!! Simply Delicious has it all! I am only here for 3 nights this trip, but I will definitely be coming back, hopefully very soon!

Thank you so much Ari & Shari for creating such a relaxing, comfortable and gorgeous space!

PS – Be prepared for the crowds – once word gets out about this place!”

Suzanne, Sechelt BC – A 3 day getaway, July 2013





“Wow, the place is great.  I really did not expect to find a place as attractive with internet, hot shower and all the amenities in such an off-grid location, sweet.  Thank you both for being wonderful hosts and for a wonderful weekend.”



Russ, Vancouver BC – A walk down memory lane, May 2013




“I had heard much about the lodge over the winter, but was not prepared for what I found on my first visit. Super cozy, super comfortable, with great food and even better company. I was truly amazed to find that they had internet available, though frankly didn’t even think about using it once during my stay. All of the comforts of town are available, but the sense of leaving town behind happens shortly after the fork in the road. I would highly recommend Simply Delicious Lodge to anyone looking to get away from it all, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life. Tyra the dog has plenty of tips, in case you’ve forgotten how.”

Brad’s Tip: Get out to Dog Falls … wowsers.

Brad, Rossland BC – A Casual Weekend Getaway, May 2013





“We were able to get enough relaxing time to make up for three years without downtime!

Thanks so much for the amazing food, great company and bikes and hikes.  Even being the first time meeting you, it felt like hanging out with lifelong friends.”


Jenny and Zeb, Fruitvale BC – A romantic child free weekend, Spring 2012




“May I stay please?

Thank you soooo much for the amazing art retreat!  A perfect hike/walk adventures exploring the forest for rusty cans + rotten log homes, great stories, & yes, simply delicious food!  And of course, the hours of painting + collaging with the perfect companion + guide.

You have both been generous & gracious hosts.  All the best to both of you as you move forward in your journey here.

I will be back!!”

Susan, Victoria BC – Art & Adventure Retreat, June 2012




“Ralph, Willis and I had an absolutely fabulous time!

Thank you so much for answering our endless line of questioning regarding living in teh area + off the grid.  We love it out here and look forward to visiting your family again as neighbors!

Please add us to the guest list for the Renata Canada Day pig roast in 2013!”


Jonelle, Ralph and “Willis”, Calgary AB/Osprey Point BC – Getting to know BC, Summer 2012




“My husband, myself, and our two dogs vacationed in Renata at Simply Delicious Lodge this summer. In short, we loved it! Our hosts, Ari & Shari, were completely welcoming & accommodating.

The Lodge itself, was stunning, off-grid, very thoughtfully laid out, and beautifully crafted with artistic touches. And THE FOOD was outstanding! Tremendous efforts were made to accommodate my numerous dietary restrictions, with no compromise in flavour whatsoever!

Simply Delicious Lodge and it’s hosts created the atmosphere for a deliciously relaxing holiday.

We will absolutely be back.”

Dirk & Morgan, Rossland/Langley BC – Getting away from work, Summer 2011



“…We were greeted with a smile, a snack & a boat ride…

The lodge is spacious & cozy, singing ambient music for a zen state of mind. No need to draw the curtains – just waken to glorious sunshine. No need for anything – our hosts were fantastic company, going over and above to serve up the “Renata Experience”…their credo should be “The only thing we overlook is the lake”!

The water invites you to while away time in a canoe or on a beach, & we wisely opted for the guided adventures – try the Renata shuttle! There’s plenty to explore in 3 days, yet I didn’t want to leave…

The lodge is (literally) simply delicious, & Renata is simply beautiful…to quote our uberhost/guide Ari: “Renata is best served warm” – the effect will warm your soul.”

Monica & Gary, Trail BC – Enjoying all of Renata, Summer 2011



Tracey up in our Cherry Tree

“AJ and I had the best time in Renata with Ari & Shari!

We picked cherries fresh from the trees out front, boated across the lake and went cliff jumping and sun bathing, lounged about in the hammocks and ate fabulous food! It was wonderful, and we can’t wait to do it again…”

Tracey & Adrian, Squamish BC – Playing in Renata, Spring 2010




“I have stayed in Renata many times over the past three years and each time I’m there, I am struck by the peace and serenity of the area. The mountains, the lake, nature.

Renata needs to be personally experienced as there are no words to express the quietness and beauty that moves my spirit when being there. I would highly recommend experiencing this wonderful place.”

Marilyn, Castlegar BC – 2007 & counting!



“Forget about the rest of the world!
Renata is a quiet place found somewhere next to heaven.

Picture a warm sunny day. First you’ll be greeted by the world’s biggest smile – it’s Ari! You load into the boat and make your way across the incredibly beautiful lake. With your camera in one hand and a cold beverage in the other, you breathe in the fresh air and immediately start to feel relaxed. After a quick dip in the lake, it’s a character truck ride from the beach to the lush surroundings of the quiet lodge.

Shari waves from the deck, warmth and creativity immediately evident in both her presence and her pristine gardens… and the hammocks are so inviting!

Whether it’s adventure or serenity, Simply Delicious has it all!
Warm hosts. Unforgettable memories. A place where time stands still.”

Christey & Kabunka, Melbourne, Australia – Soaking up the Sun, Summer 2009





“Sam and I have been visiting Renata for a few years. It’s the kind of place that allows you to forget about the world and just be.

The scenery is amazing, the company fun and the experience something to take with you always.”


Sam & Lyn, Nelson BC – Reconnecting in Renata, Fall 2009, 10, 11




“Our family has been priviledged to have had the “Renata Experience” on three seperate occasions thus far.
This special place continues to magically remind us of the importance of enjoying the simple things in life.

The simple pleasures of watching our children and our dog frolicking and running through the tall grass and endless pastures, throwing stones in the water for hours, swimming and kayaking in lake, watching the amazing sunsets while sipping on a glass of wine before a fabulous fresh salmon dinner. And lazily enjoying several of Shari’s deliciously brewed cup-of-joes in the morning, on the wrap around veranda, great conversations and beautifully prepared breakfasts with fresh local fruit and ingredients…

Shari and Ari, we are so honored that you continue to share your little piece of heaven with our family. Thank you for the Simply Delicious Experience!”

Vanessa, Cam, Josie and Daylen, Rossland BC – Summer 2010


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